Imager.hta Application

M. Gallant 07/02/2002

Imager.hta is an HTML application using VBScript to display all images within folders dragged onto the imager.hta icon, a folder dragged into the "Drop Here" dropbox within the application, or a folder selected from the file dialog within the application. Supported image types are
gif, jpg, ico, bmp, png, wmf, emf, xbm
Non-image files can optionally be listed as well. Folders can optionally be fully recursively searched. The file path and size is also displayed. Maximum number of listed items (folders and files) is set at 250, but can be changed with the MaxFiles dropdown selection. Checkboxes show which image types will be displayed. To filter image types, uncheck boxes and click the Refresh button. Click any listed file-path to launch the file-type associated application (note that with Show All Files selected, .exe files will be immediately launched with a single click). Ctrl+Click any displayed file-path and the file's context menu Properties panel is immediately launched. Click any displayed image to see a popup message with image properties listed. The clicked image is highlighted temporarily with a black border to show the image boundary.
[Note: The Select Folder button, and Properties features only work on win32 systems with shell32.dll version 4.71 or higher. The application first detects the OS, and if Win9x, ME or NT4, checks the shell32.dll version. If version < 4.71 the button and Properties features are disabled (i.e. Active Desktop not configured). For IE version < 5.5, the "Drop Here" region does not automatically refresh the display when an item is dropped there, and the Refresh button must be clicked.]

To Use:
Download the Imager.hta application, and run directly, or save to your desktop (with file extension .hta). If this is the first time you have run imager.hta, you will be prompted with a dialog to configure the .hta file type dropHandler which adds an extra registry setting enabling drag & drop of files/folder onto any .hta file. After this is done, restart imager.hta. (in some cases you may need to restart Windows for the change to take effect).


 Screen shot